How Many Times Per Week Should You Workout To Build Lean Muscle?

By Russ Howe-Pti

Most people in the gym have many questions they'd like to ask on the subject of how to build muscle, but they get confused at the wide variety of answers available so instead just struggle on by themselves. One of the most popular questions undoubtedly concerns how many gym sessions per week are optimal when it comes to building lean tissue. Today we will show you how to answer this.

You can actually increase the effectiveness of the time you spend in the gym before you leave the house. Simply start applying a few of the proven principles of building a more powerful physique.

If you are brand new to training you might be worried when you see ultra fit friends who seem to exercise non-stop. Perhaps that's something which has previously put you off the whole idea of getting fitter. You needn't worry, because building a better body is not about torturing yourself on a daily basis.

If you can get to the gym two-to-three times per week you should see positive results within the first four weeks. Especially if you combine cardiovascular exercise with regular weight training. That means you too, girls. Don't buy into the incorrect philosophy that weights will make you huge.

With that as a starting point, your body will begin the process of changing.

Once you begin seeing results, however, a different type of situation is upon you and there are different risks to your progress. No longer will you have to worry about hitting the gym regularly enough, because seeing a positive change in the shape of your body will be enough to kick-start your desire to exercise more than ever before.

Believe it or not, it actually becomes hard for most people to resist the temptation to workout every single day.

Rest plays a very important role in your log-term progress and you should not fall victim to the common mistake of training purely because you enjoy it. You have a long-term goal to experience hypertrophy, you'll need to remember this.

If you don't let your body rest you will not see continued results. You are essentially breaking down yesterday's results and rebuilding them today, which will not actually help you to get any further forward at all. If you simply enjoy training and don't want to limit yourself to three sessions per week, you should look into using a split routine instead of a full body workout at this stage.

You need to rest in order to grow, so don't allow yourself to give in to the temptation of hitting a certain muscle group purely because you enjoy the ego boost it gives. This is known in fitness circles as "Chest and arm syndrome" and usually affects men who like working on their biceps.

If you utilize a split routine there is nothing to stop you from hitting the gym five times a week, however those two extra days should be reserved for rest. One of the most important factors in learning how to build muscle which lasts into the long term is understanding the importance of rest.

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