Get Relief From Back Pain With A Pompano Beach FL Pain Management Center

By Jeferson Tuyor

Dealing with chronic back pain is something that many people have to do on a daily basis. Even the simplest tasks can make the condition worse and interfere with quality of life. For these individuals, the professionals working at a Pompano Beach FL pain management clinic can provide effective solutions.

Health care workers have three basic options for helping patients who are suffering with a painful spine condition. Some patients respond best to medications. Other options include various invasive or noninvasive techniques. After an initial consultation and examination, healthcare providers have the information they need to select the best technique.

Healthcare professionals have a variety of noninvasive techniques for eliminating a painful spine conditions. One technique involves applying low voltage electrical stimulus to the affected nerves with a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) device. Physical activity involving specific exercises may provide relief by improving muscular strength and flexibility to restore normal range of motion. When using manual manipulation, the healthcare giver applies controlled force to ligaments, muscles, and joints.

Drug therapy is always risky due to the possible side effects, but for some individuals they may be necessary. Ibuprofen and aspirin are two non-prescription medications that can be helpful for people in discomfort. Narcotics may be the most risky because of the risk of addiction but they work best for individuals suffering from post-operative discomfort. Individuals with muscle spasms are often prescribed muscle relaxers.

Invasive techniques include various surgical procedures and injections that deliver an anesthetic or steroid to the affected area. For those patients who suffer from pinched nerves, an epidural injection may offer relief. If other techniques fail to be effective, surgery may be the only option.

Individuals do not have to suffer from a painful back. They can select the right technique with the help of a healthcare professional Seeking help at a local clinic can provide the relief they need and improve quality of life.

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