How To Alleviate Pain With Best Sciatic Stretches Using An Atwood KS Back Stretcher

By Princess Smith

The longest nerve in the human body is the sciatic. This nerve stretches from the lower spine through the hips and pelvis the entire length of one's leg. Normally, it transmits messages between the brain and leg. However, if it is pinched, it can cause any number of problems. An Atwood KS back stretcher helps sciatica suffers to alleviate the pain with noninvasive techniques they do themselves.

The discs in one's spine are compressed through many different actions. Normal standing and sitting throughout the day cause a person to lose 1/2 inch in height. Normally, the height is regained over night during restorative sleep. However, wear and tear of the discs can cause a person to lose height that is not regained unless the discs are stretched.

A compressed disc does not benefit from the normal ebb and flow of bodily fluids that bring oxygen and nutrients into the structure. Disc dehydration is a primary cause of degeneration. Stretching can restore the natural flow of nutrients and bring healing.

Compressed discs often lead to pain. The pain can radiate to many areas of the body. When the sciatic is compressed, the pain may affect one's hip, leg, knee or foot. The condition can lead to numbness, tingling and loss of use of the affected limb.

The device allows the user to apply gentle pressure for stretching his own spine while in the comfort of home. With regular use, the compressed discs are elongated to a more normal shape. The stretching relieves pressure from a person's nerve and as a result the injured nerve can heal naturally.

An Atwood KS back stretcher offers help for sciatica pain. The device helps to heal the underlying problem. Patients need fewer pain medications as the pressure is relieved. The body uses its own natural ability to heal itself to reduce pain.

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