Learn How Ultrasound Therapy Can Alleviate Tennis Elbow

By Jamie Muck

Tennis elbow is a painful condition involving damage to the tendons and joints that often a result from overuse and age. Also referred to as golfers elbow, it prevents engagement in regular activities as a result of restricted operation and pain. The portable ultrasound machine has received increased attention in terms of its efficacy to identify scar tissue formation and to prevent against invasive measures of correction.

A complete physical assessment and digital imaging will be required to identify the presence of tennis elbow. Recommendations may be made for wearing a supportive brace to minimize the possibility of twists and engagement in activities that cause ongoing irritation. Rest is required to provide tissues with the chance to heal, but does not always deliver the desired result.

Conventional methods that have not delivered the healed state will require surgery. Invasive procedures involving the cutting of the tendon can be invasive and contribute to incredibly lengthy recovery periods. Most patients experience a great deal of discomfort with such methods and focuses on the facilitation of a healed state.

The alternative approach focuses on attending to the scar tissue that has formed because of the damage. With the features of modern equipment, the surgeon is able to locate the bad tissue and remove it. A tiny incision is made and a hollow needle used to extract fluid and scar tissue.

The surgical procedure can be performed within a 20 minute period. The specific tendon will not be affected and all damaged tissue eliminated to allow for healthy recovery. The results include shorter recovery and the ability for all persons to return to regular operation.

Studies have shown that favorable results can be achieved with the use of the portable ultrasound machine. It delivers precise function able to identify the specific location for the damage tissue within the tendon. The result is a shorter recovery period and the ability to participate in regular actions within a short period of time.

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